Who We Are

Bee Wild Pest Removal provides quality removal solutions for common pests. That includes bees and their not so friendly look-a-like, the wasp. Whether you’re trying to keep them away, or you’re trying to get rid of those pests completely, we are here for you. To get started, click on the pests that’s bugging you below.

What’s Bugging You?

Click on the bugger that’s bugging you to find out how to deal with them.


Rodents, rats, or whatever you wanna call them. Sure, some of them can be furry and cute, but those are domesticated pets. These guys are plain, wild, and potentially dangerous rodents. They carry disease and sickness. Nothing is cute or furry about them.



Roaches, water bugs, palmetto bugs. Whatever you call them, they’re cockroaches. These buggers don’t do anything for us at all, except drive us insane (and potentially spread disease). Show them no sympathy and eliminate them right away. Find out how to tell if you have an infestation.



Bees. Honey bees, sweat bees, carpenter bees, any kind of bee. Yes, bees are beneficial. We depend on them doing their job, but sometimes, they can become a nuisance to our livelihood and ultimately become another pest.

get rid of bees


These guys are NOT bees, they’re bee look-a-likes who are just plain nasty (in both attitude and looks). In other words, they’re evil bee wannabees. You really don’t want to mess with them.

a wasp is not a bee