3 Ways to Get Rid of Roaches Fast

Give these 10 ways to get rid of roaches fast a try. Cockroaches are one of the most common and well-known pests. Count yourself one of the lucky few if you’ve never had to deal with them before. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where it seems like they’re in charge of your home, don’t panic. Use these solutions to eliminate them permanently.

there are many ways to get rid of roaches fast, but the three listed here works the best

Boric Acid

Boric acid powder can be purchased just about anywhere. Try your local hardware or home improvement store. Look for a tall, white plastic bottle. The bottle will likely have a red plastic cap with a pointed tip. The label should read “boric acid” and should be sold for both ants and roaches.

The pointed tip on the cap is there for good reasons. If you just cut a small bit off, to allow for a small opening at the tip, you can use the bottle to apply a fine layer of boric acid powder. Some people like to call this process “dusting.” It’s called dusting because the goal is to apply a very thin layer of powder; where it looks like settled dust. Using just the right amount is ideal for getting the best results.

One bottle of boric acid powder is dirt cheap, and you can often find it for as little as a few dollars.  The bottle will last you for a long time too. Depending on the severity of your cockroach problem, one single bottle might be enough to eliminate the entire population. Few other solutions allow you to eradicate a whole roach infestation for a more few dollars.

One way to get rid of roaches fast with boric acid powder is to mix it with sugar and a little water. This will create a paste. The sugar will lure the pests and eat both the toxic boric acid and the sugar. A lot of times, they will even take a small chunk of the mixture back to the nest and share it with the other roaches. This works great in our favor when we’re trying to eradicate them.


Borax is almost the same as boric acid. The only difference is that chemically, they are not identical. If you absolutely cannot find boric acid, then you will likely find borax. Look for a box of borax in the laundry detergent aisle. Borax is sold as a laundry booster. It cleans our clothes, and it also cleans up our roach problem (what a beautiful little thing).

There is no applicator nozzle because borax comes in a box. Unless you buy a bulb duster designed for applying dust pesticides, you can use an old cup. Although, many pest authorities agree that a bulb duster really makes all the difference. Heck, even the guys over at PestsOff say to use a duster. They even go as far as saying that not using a bulb duster is one of the biggest mistake you can make when using powder insecticides like borax and boric acid. I’ll have to admit that I strong agree with them. Make sure the container is dry. Place and a small amount of borax in the container and gently shake it to apply a thin layer in the areas you want to treat.

You can also mix borax with sugar to make the same bait.

Roach Baits

One of the most significant “secret” weapons used by professional roach exterminators are roach baits. It is without a doubt, one of the best ways to get rid of roaches fast. Nothing is quite as useful as using the right cockroach bait. Not only will the bugs seek out the poisoned bait, but they will also share it with other insects. The toxin lingers in their droppings, as well as their dead carcasses (when they die from the bait).

The good news about roaches being extremely disgusting is they will eat the droppings and dead carcasses of other cockroaches. When they do that, they also get poisoned and die.

My personal favorite roach bait is called Advion, and Syngenta makes it. They have a few products under the Advion line, but the gel bait is easy to use. You take the tube of gel bait and place small dots all over the house. The attractant gets their attention, and the rest is history (well, for the roaches anyways).

Cockroaches can be a big problem. They become a huge problem if you don’t do anything about their invasion and give them time to grow and expand their numbers. That’s why you want to eradicate them quickly the very moment you start noticing them. The sooner you get started, the better your chances are of never having to deal with these pests again. There are a lot of other solutions out there, but rather than experiment with different methods, just use proven 3 ways to get rid of roaches fast.