What Attracts Bees to Make a Home Out of Your Home

What attracts bees to turn your home into theirs? Why would they build a hive in your walls or on your house? Bees live in a colony, and once in a while, it splits up to form a new colony. The queen of the previous hive leads other bees, comprising a host of worker bees mostly female and a small number of male drones in search of new territory. This new colony commonly called a swarm goes out in search for a new habitation. In their search for a new place to live, your home could be their next nesting place depending on some factors that you need to be aware of.

What Attracts Bees To Your Yard And Around Your House?

what attracts bees to create a giant hive like this around your home? find out

Bees love to nest in places with that have an abundance of vegetation and water sources. You may have created such a microenvironment in your yard that attracts them. You also have plenty of food in the general area of your home. That got their attention, and they decided to check out the place.

If you have seen many bees invade your yard previously, you need to check out for honeycombs and discard or burn them. It is necessary to do this because of bee pheromones found on the combs that could serve to attract other bees.

Why Would They Build A Hive Around Your Yard And House?

Bees will create a hive in a place with a hole that is slightly larger than a quarter inch (or at least large enough for them to enter). If you see a swarm around your house, this could be one of the most likely factors.

Spotting a swarm of bees in your yard or around your house could only mean one thing: you have created a conducive environment for their nesting location. Unwanted debris found outside your house provide shelter for homeless bees. Some used home appliances; used car engines offer a favorable environment for bees to come in and create a hive

Also, as mentioned above, your yard probably provides one or more of what they are looking for. It has lots of vegetation, food and water. Or there are suitable and easy items to make a hive in like large yard debris, or dead trees.

Why Would Bees Build A Hive In Your House Or Inside Your Walls?

Several factors could contribute to bees invading and building a nest in your home, especially your walls. Bees prefer to stay where there is some warmth.  The vents in your house such as bathroom vents, stove and dryer vents could be possible openings for bees to enter inside your walls if not covered or protected against insects such as bees. Repeatedly seeing one or two bees flying around those vents could be a likely indicator of bees residing inside your walls.

Bees will also build a nest in your walls if they are found to have holes, cracks and gaps. For example, an opening located in the roof tile could be a potential opening for bees to enter the house and build a hive in your house. Holes in your walls could stem from the fact that electrical and plumbing works may have left cracks and holes that the electrician or plumber did not fill adequately. Once the bees locate such pits, they find their way in and build a nest in your walls.

these bees are entering and exiting through a tiny gap

What Color Are Bees attracted To?

Bees are attracted to beautiful flowers that are brightly colored. That means that if a flower is brighter, it will attract more bees to it.

The clothing you choose to put on is no exception to this perception of color and brightness by bees. Bees get attracted to bright colors in your clothing such as yellow, pink and blue colors. If your area is prone to bees attacks often, don clothing with less bright colors such as white to steer them away from you.

What Causes Bees To Buzz Around A Person Like It Was Going To Attack Them?

When nervous, the first thing you produce is sweat, and this can make the bees come around. Bees such as the sweat bees are attracted to human sweat and once they smell the scent of sweat will come around trying to get underneath your clothing.

Bees also perceive black color as a danger to them. Putting on a black clothes sends the message that the environment is less safe around them. The bees will buzz and hover around you in a bid to attack their perceived enemy.

Can Bees Sense Fear From Humans?

Bees are sensitive to pheromones and given that they are reactive insects, they might get aggressive depending on the effect of the pheromone scent on them. If you are stung by a bee, thus having these pheromones attache to you, then it will draw the attention of another bees to that area.

Humans do not possess pheromones, but your disposition could send a message of danger to bees. If you happen to be nervous, and making unnecessary movements around bees, you could just get stung as a result of your nervousness.

What Keeps Bees Away From Your House?

Keep bees away from your house using pure, natural methods that will ensure your environment is a safer for you. You could use natural repellents inside and around your home such as the ones listed below.


Sprinkle it in areas where the bees tend to appear most in your home. Applying it on a daily basis for at least a week could do the trick.

A Mixture of Vanilla

Your skin could be attracting bees to your house too. If so, mix one tablespoon of vanilla extract with water. The extract is effective in keeping the bees away from you and, therefore, your house.


Bees hate the smell of peppermint plants. You can put it on your window panes, use them as outdoor plants around your house and other areas they are known to frequent. The bees will be repelled by the plants ultimately staying away from your home.

Cucumber Peel

Use cucumber peel on your windows and garden to keep bees away from your home. Once they enter your house, place the cucumber peel on your window frames and patio. It works well in keeping bees form specific locations in your house.

You can find more ways to keep them away on this page, where it’s covered a little more in detail.

When moving, bees move in a swarm and will readily gravitate to where the environment favors them most. What attracts bees to your home includes structures and natural nesting items with large enough holes. Other used appliances and clutter around your house shelter bees as well. You may want to make sure that your home has less vegetation to avoid the bees nesting there. Seeing bees inside your walls could be an indicator of holes in your walls and gaps under your roofing tiles. Such openings will make the bees find a way inside your home. It is important also to note that bees get attracted to bright colors such as yellow and pink colors. Avoid such colors to stop attracting bees to your home.  If they have already made a hive inside your house, your only option is to hire a professional to remove or eradicate them safely. You can also choose to eliminate them yourself, but you need to be aware of the safety risks and how to do it properly.